Sandra Bullock Movie Club

Watch all 10 movies exemplifying 5 action/drama and 5 rom-com movies of Sandra Bullock’s career. Watch in any order.

  1. Love Potion #9 – 1992
  2.  Demolition Man – 1993
  3. Speed – 1994
  4. Hope Floats – 1998
  5. Practical Magic – 1998
  6. Miss Congeniality – 2000
  7. Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood – 2002
  8. Murder by Numbers – 2002
  9. The Lake House – 2006
  10. All About Steve – 2009

These choices are somewhat controversial as a collective representation of Sandy B’s career but are also the result of hard bargained selections. I fought ferociously for my cheesy, beloved The Net, but Demolition Man won out in that match up. I also thought including both The Blind Side and All About Steve would be a great mark of the high and low of that year, but Murder by Numbers won in that match up. I specifically asked for Gravity to be excluded from the list due to the existential horror of dying in space and no one was really excited to watch Bird Box. The list is capped at 10 because 10 is a lot of movies for a badge. It takes a little bit.

*Badge design pending. Comment any ideas below.


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