Southern Holiday Traditions: New Year’s Black Eyed Peas and Cornbread Waffles Recipe

Growing up in Oklahoma, I was always told to eat black eyed peas on New Years Day so I would have luck all year long. I never really liked black eyed peas. I never really liked plain beans of any kind, and that was the only way my family cooked beans. Bleck. Even though they were ick, I would always choke down at least a spoonful to make my dad happy, and besides, maybe, just maybe it actually works. Who couldn’t use some extra luck? As I’m sliding in to adulthood (kicking and screaming), my family’s traditions are starting to … Continue reading Southern Holiday Traditions: New Year’s Black Eyed Peas and Cornbread Waffles Recipe

Leftovers Sorcery: Wilted Kale Recipe

Kale! Who knew it was so yummy!? I had kale for the first time this New Year’s Day when I added a handful to my Good Luck Black Eyed Peas recipe. I assumed it would be similar to the greens I grew up with (Poke salad, Collard and Mustard Greens), but it is so much better. It is heartier and much less bitter, so I was definitely ready to go another round with Kale and use up my leftovers from the black eyed peas. Usually when I’m trying to get ideas of how to use new-to-me ingredients, I Google until my … Continue reading Leftovers Sorcery: Wilted Kale Recipe

Learn from My Mistakes: Old Time Beef Stew

I have been trying to revitalize some of my cooking styles and work some new classics in the mix. The men in my life have been ordering beef stews in restaurants quite a bit here recently and especially since the cold snap. I have a tomato based stew that I have been making since I was a kid (total family recipe) that I really enjoy, but I’ve never really eaten and certainly never cooked a non-tomato based stew when winter weather practically demands and nice thick stew, so I thought I would try to find a nice, classic stew recipe … Continue reading Learn from My Mistakes: Old Time Beef Stew

Turkey Meatloaf Holiday “Cupcakes”

Holiday Season is here! I am so stinkin’ excited I can barely contain myself. This seems like the one time of year where crafters can throw it all on the table and not have to get too major of a side eye from non-crafters. You know the one. The look that ever so slightly says, “What is wrong with you? Why would you even THINK of making something like that? Can’t you just buy (fill in the blank)?” And we know the answer to that look: Of course not. It wouldn’t be as much FUN if we went out and … Continue reading Turkey Meatloaf Holiday “Cupcakes”