You Call That a Knife?

Sharpen every blade in your home – ALL OF IT!!!

Don’t forget things like:

  • Kitchen shears
  • Crafting shears
    • Not hair shears or good fabric shears***
  • Pruning shears and any other bladed gardening equipment
  • Camping equipment – multi-tools, axes, etc.
  • Change your x-acto and box cutter blades to new blades
  • Check your nail clipper blade for sharpness
  • Think of ALL THE BLADES!

Proposed Difficulty Modifiers:

  • Additional bonus icons for re-sharpening everything at 3, 6, 9, and 12 months
    • Additional bonus icon difficulty modifier- You must do each interval continuously to achieve the 6,9,12 month bonus icons.
      • Ex) You re-sharpen at 3 months but forget at 6. You have earned the 3 month bonus icon, but you will need to start the clock over and hit the 3 month mark again, then again at 6 months to achieve the 6 month badge.
      • The purpose is not to be picky and punitive but rather to recognize the experience of sharp equipment for one continuous year.
    • No proposed bonus icon yet – I haven’t resharpened everything in one go since, so it has not been achieved as of the date of this posting. If you go for it, post your bonus icon design ideas below.


The goal is to have everything sharp and ready whenever you need it. It is the best feeling for every single kitchen knife, and tool to be sharp and effective each time you reach for them. It lasted about 2-3 months for me where everything just worked. It relieves this tiny little tension you never even noticed was there. The effect wearing off after a few months is what prompted the proposed difficulty modifiers.

I created the badge to learn how to use water stones to hand sharpen blades. I am a barber by trade and wanted to learn how to maintain my own equipment. I figured I’d hack away on the entire home blade inventory to develop my hand before risking my stupidly expensive barbering clipper blades.***

I achieved this badge 3 years ago… I have not resharpened the entire house in one go since, however I have progressed to sharpening my barbering equipment. I will sharpen the main kitchen knives and the crafting shears every few months, so some of the habit has stuck around for a few years. It is still nice when I sharpen those few things to just have everything work when you go for it. Very pleased with this badge; would sharpen again.


***Please do not attempt to sharpen your hair cutting shears by hand. It is a fussy bitch angle to get them to cut well and if you mess up the gap even slightly, it’s over, and you’ve sunk your hundreds of dollars investment. Start with garbage $10 steel shears from Sally’s if you must learn how to sharpen hair shears by hand. Send the ones you rely on for your $$$ to a professional who works on hair shears specifically. Same goes for good fabric shears.


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