Leftovers Sorcery: Wilted Kale Recipe

Kale! Who knew it was so yummy!? I had kale for the first time this New Year’s Day when I added a handful to my Good Luck Black Eyed Peas┬árecipe. I assumed it would be similar to the greens I grew up with (Poke salad, Collard and Mustard Greens), but it is so much better. It is heartier and much less bitter, so I was definitely ready to go another round with Kale and use up my leftovers from the black eyed peas. Usually when I’m trying to get ideas of how to use new-to-me ingredients, I Google until my … Continue reading Leftovers Sorcery: Wilted Kale Recipe

Chunky Crochet Moebius Scarf

I work at a high traffic desk near a drafty swinging door in my day to day life, and with the cold snap we had here recently, have been freezing my tuckus off. ┬áIt is a highly professional environment (suits and all that) so I really needed a new scarf that I could wear all the time while still looking somewhat nice. Enter the Chunky Crochet Moebius Scarf. I made this pattern last year for office Secret Santa Christmas gifts and it whips up in no time. It is a really straightforward single crochet pattern on a large hook. Some … Continue reading Chunky Crochet Moebius Scarf