Tighten Up for the Holidays

I have never been one for the female rituals of excessive makeup, giddiness over shopping for new outfits or carefully planning my appearance for events (unless it meant outlandish costumes and extravagant fantasy makeup, then it was weeks of excited planning and long nights sewing).

This year I decided I would like to change that.

I have a holiday party to attend with my significant other coming up soon, and since this is our first holiday together, I wanted to try the full party prep ritual. I am starting to see the charm of the long preparation. I can see how it builds the excitement and how the weeks and days of anticipation and preparation can be part of the fun.

I bought a dress I would like to wear to the party that looks good, but I definitely would like to stay on track with diet and exercise through the holiday party season to look the best I possibly can in this dress.

Since I’m terrible at consistent self direction, today’s making shit is a Count Down Daily Calendar that has all of the things I would like to make sure I focus on over the next 18 days.

 Count Down Calendar

If you have a party or event you would like to stay on track with making sure you are prepping your skin, hair, nails, and health with, here is a copy of the Count Down calendar for you to customize and use to your heart’s content.

I have been hand writing in my skin care regimen in the “Skin Care” section (duh) and in the “Other,” I am scheduling out my hair cut and color, mani/pedi and bikini care. Hair color should be at least 3-4 days before the event, a haircut the week before and the mani/pedi 2 days before. Deep exfoliation should happen no less than 10 days before the event, since exfoliation can sometimes cause skin flare-ups as the pores give up the deep grime and the full hydration helps the body purge the crud.

I am planning on starting a 48 hour cleanse on the same day I start my full skin buff (Day 12) so I can maximize and consolidate my body’s natural process of cleaning itself out and so I can give my skin plenty of time to find equilibrium well before the party.

I have my calendar clipped together with a binder clip and hanging on a nail on the wall over the dress I will be wearing.

The purpose of this calendar and doing the whole party prep count down isn’t that I feel inadequate as I am now, it’s just that I know the power of proper hydration, skin exfoliation and good regular exercise on the body and skin and I want to have that confident, healthy, happy, hydrated glow come party day.

Happy Holidaze!

❤ Kristin


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