Chunky Crochet Moebius Scarf

I work at a high traffic desk near a drafty swinging door in my day to day life, and with the cold snap we had here recently, have been freezing my tuckus off.  It is a highly professional environment (suits and all that) so I really needed a new scarf that I could wear all the time while still looking somewhat nice. Enter the Chunky Crochet Moebius Scarf.

Chunky Moebius Scarf

I made this pattern last year for office Secret Santa Christmas gifts and it whips up in no time. It is a really straightforward single crochet pattern on a large hook. Some of you are fantastic crocheters and can probably figure out the pattern just by looking at it.

I, however, purchased a pattern over at Craftsy from designer Sheila Zachariae.

I would love to just tell you how to make it, being a pretty easy pattern and all, but ethically, I don’t want to do that to fellow crafter Sheila. Take my word for it though, it’s absolutely worth the $5. Head on over to Craftsy and support our diy community and get a beautifully presented scarf pattern in PDF format for your troubles.

If you would like to discuss the pattern, or would like any help creating your new favorite scarf, I’m always ethically available for that conversation ❤